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Meaning of "Triest" in the German dictionary

Swiss architectural historian, critic, teacher and writer. The son of a Swiss industrialist, he first studied mechanical engineering in Vienna. The impressions he gained on his visit to the Bauhaus at Weimar in and his first meeting with Le Corbusier in were decisive for his future career. His convictions were expounded mainly in his publications, including his ground-breaking study of the French engineering tradition, Bauen in Frankreich , which played down aesthetic influences and had a wide influence on views of the history of the Modern Movement; it also established his reputation as a proponent of modern architecture, and during the next few years he stressed the exclusion of aesthetic considerations from the deliberations of CIAM Belarusian architect, urban planner, theorist and teacher.

His age and background prepared him ideally for a central position among the architects who led the Modernist avant-garde in the USSR in the s.

About this book

He is best known for his leadership, with Aleksandr Vesnin, of the Constructivist architectural group from to , but he was a consistently influential figure in Soviet architecture from the early s until his premature death after World War II. Dutch architect, urban planner, theorist and teacher.

He received his training —8 at the Technische Hogeschool, Delft.

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He is best known for his part in designing Vreewijk —21 , an urban extension of Rotterdam based on garden-city principles, and for his leading role in the Delft school see Delft school. Although usually considered a traditionalist, there is little evidence of conservatism in either his writings or his designs. In the first phase, based on the street plan by H. This resulted in the second phase of Vreewijk, the extension plan American architect, industrial designer and teacher of German birth.

He was one of the most influential figures in the development of the Modern Movement, whose contribution lay as much in his work as theoretician and teacher as it did in his innovative architecture. Rather, they were a series of researches in which he sought prototypical solutions that would offer universal applicability. They were also didactic in purpose—concrete demonstrations, manifestos, of his theories and beliefs.

His theories sought to integrate the individual and society, art and industry, form and function and the part with the whole.

Gender quotas in Business – how do Europeans feel?

He left Germany for England in ; three years later he emigrated to the USA, where he continued to teach, write and design for the rest of his life Danish designer, architect and critic. He painted in a late Impressionist style, but championed Danish Cubism and Expressionism when he became an art critic in American urban planner, architect, critic and teacher of German birth.

Czech architect, theorist, writer and teacher of French birth. In he graduated in architecture from the Czech Technical University, Prague. Their best-known work is the General Pensions Institute building Japanese architect, teacher and theorist.

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Other important public works followed in relatively rapid succession, and he quickly established his reputation with such buildings as the Printed from Oxford Art Online. Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a single article for personal use for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. Oxford Art Online. Advanced search. Africa Antarctic region. Asia Europe. The Americas Browse All. Place Type. Site Browse All.

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