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Griffin comes the dramatic third novel in the Clandestine Operations series about the Cold War, the fledgling Central Intelligence Agency -- and a new breed of warrior. January Two WACs lea The dramatic New York Times-bestselling adventure in W. Having investigated his share of gruesome murders, Philadelphia Homicide Sergeant Matt Payne is beginning to think n That turmoil turns from bad to worse shortl From the 1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author comes the dramatic second adventure in the brand-new Clandestine Operations series about the Cold War, the fledgling Central Intelligence Agency -- and a new breed of warrior.

A brand-new series about the Cold War -- and a different breed of warrior. Cronley Jr. The Presidential Agent adventures return in the most harrowing novel yet in the 1 New York Times-bestselling series.

Honor Bound Series

Mexican drug cartels are shooting up the streets of Laredo and El Paso. Somali pirates are holding three U. For Philadelphia homicide detective Matt Payne, the news from an old law-enforcement friend sends a shiver down his spine: a connection between the Mexican drug cartels and the Russian mob. Russian girls are being smuggled in to work in the sex October The Germans and Japanese have surrendered. For Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS, it should be time to pack up, but they have far more important things to do.

In the closing months of the war, the United States made a secret Summer There's an uneasy and unholy alliance building across the Caribbean. Few in the U.


Wars come to an end. But then new ones begin. Just weeks after Hitler's suicide, Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS find themselves up to their necks in battles every bit as fierce as the ones just ended. The first is political-the very survi The 1 New York Times-bestselling series returns-and the stakes have never been higher. Charlie Castillo's secret unit has been disbanded-but that doesn't mean he's out of business. As experience has painfully shown him, there are many things the There's a sudden spike in murders -- or "targeted killings" -- in Philadelphia.

But no one seems to mind much because those being assassinated are all fugitives with histories of heinous sex crimes against women and children.

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Making matters worse for August In his short time as a spy with the Office of Strategic Services, young Cletus Frade has faced many unlikely situations, Griffin's popular Badge of Honor police series returns, with a story of murder and lawlessness as compelling as today's headlines. J ust as with his remarkable military novels, millions of readers have been captured by the rich characters and vivi Griffin's explosive Presidential Agent novels have gained worldwide acclaim for "leaving satisfied thriller readers hankering for more" Publishers Weekly.

Now, in his latest 1 New York Times bestseller, the Russian bear is stirring after The year is , and Argentina is officially neutral, but crawling with every kind of spy, sympathizer, and military official imaginable. Now, still in Argentina tying up loose ends from his investigation into the UN oil-for-food scandal, Castillo is startled when a young man is marched into his office at gunpoint, caught trying to sneak through the fence.

It turns out he's an American Critics and fans alike welcomed the return of the Men at War series with The Saboteurs. Now Canidy, Fulmar, and colleagues in the Office of Strategic Services face an even greater task-to convince Hitler and the Axis powers that the invasion of the E The Hunters picks up right where The Hostage left off.

Griffin fans have waited years for the return of his rousing stories of the OSS, and now, at last, aided and abetted by his son, William E. Butterworth IV, Griffin has brought back his iconoclastic heroes in a brand-new adventure. The Battle of t By Order of the President, the first novel in Griffin's crackling new Presidential Agent series, won immediate acclaim from critics and fans alike. Griffin launches an all-new series of action-packed military novels set against the backdrop of the modern war against terror When a Boeing is violently hijacked from Angola and flown to parts unknown, the security agencies of the Unit It is the fall of The Marines have made a pivotal breakthrough at Inchon, but a roller coaster awaits them.

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The bit in his teeth, Douglas MacArthur is intent on surging across the 38th parallel toward the Yalu River, where he is certain no Chin Detective Matt Payne-newly promoted to Sergeant and assigned to Homicide-finds himself in the middle of three major assignments. The first, a fatal shooting at a fast-food restaurant, seems simple, but rapidly becomes complicated.

The second begins c Griffin's bestselling chronicle of the Marine Corps enters a new stage of modern warfare -- with new weapons, new strategies, and a new breed of warrior -- on the battlefields of Korea In , Capta Griffin returns to the series that launched his phenomenal career-- in an explosive new novel that pits a team of Special Forces warriors against the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara While Douglas MacArthur chomps at the bit, intent on surging across the 38th parallel, Brigadier General Fleming Pickering works despera Immediately, he is faced with two urgent missions in the Gobi Desert: rescue a band of former American servicemen and thei With more than 17 million copies of his novels in print W.

Griffin presents his most riveting series of the men and women behind the badge -- united by a code of courage, loyalty, and trust. A brutal crime. A group of urban terrorists.

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An invest It is April in Argentina, where World War II rages in clandestine battles both sides deny - but neither side can afford to lose. Where a Nazi plot to overthrow the government in Buenos Aires may change the face of the war. And where three Americ Griffin's powerful novel of World War II -- and the courage, patriotism, and sacrifice of those who fought it. By , the Japanese have routed the outnumbered American forces and conquered the Philippines.

But deep in the A vice cop is shot dead in his home. A bar owner and his wife are gunned down during a robbery. And in a mansion, a young woman dies of a heroine overdose. The crimes seem unconnected. But these deaths are about to trigger a convergence of corrupti October At a secret rendezvous point off the coast of neutral Argentina, a small merchant ship delivers supplies to Nazi submarines and raiders.

The OSS is determined to sabotage the operation by any means necessary. But one of the key saboteur A political assassin is ready to make his move. The police department's only clue is a single, perfectly typed bomb threat. And worse yet, the police aren't sure they can trust their own people. In a few short days, the corruption of one cop-and the Griffin's epic novel of World War II--a powerful, dramatic tribute to the brave men and women who lived it The captain who led his squadron into the fiercest air battles of the Pacific.

The correspondent who learned more abo Line of Fire brings to life a desperate mission of World War II that captures the drama and courage of the men who fought it. Two Marines, reporting on Japanese air activity, are trapped on a small Coastwatcher island. A special rescue team is assemb The robbery ended in murder, the killers claimed to be terrorists, and the only cooperative witness feared for his life.

Police officer Matt Payne knew the dangers of his profession - but never thought he would be the one needing protection! A brutal Mafia slaying rocks the city of Philadelphia when the only living witness is revealed - a wealthy debutante involved with the targeted mobster. One of the suspects is a cop, Matt Payne, unwittingly takes on the ultimate battle between organi Battleground - Book IV - continues the saga of The Corps with the story of one of the epic conflicts of the Pacific, the bloody months spanning Midway and Guadalcanal.

From aviators to Raiders, officers to dog soldiers, no quarter is asked, and none From the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor to America's first bold counterstrike against the Japanese on the beaches of Guadalcanal, this compelling novel takes readers to the front lines of victory and defeat In this exciting new series, W. Here is an explosive novel of the men and women behind the badge -- a u It is The Vietnam War has begun to escalate, its new style of battle demanding new weapons and tactics, and men who can use them.

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Griffin's bestselling series, The Corps and Brotherhood of War, have captured the pride and glory of the military community. Now he reveals a city police force with the same unique blend of realism, drama, and action. Here are the brave men and women The attack on Pearl Harbor swept America into the raging heart of the war.

The stormy South Pacific presented a daring new challenge, and the men of the Corps were ready to fight. An elite fraternity united by a glorious tradition of courage and hono From the blistering jungles of Vietnam to the far-flung battlefields of the African Congo, they faced the turmoil of a new era. It was a different kind of war.

Latinos in World War II: Fighting on Two Fronts

But the courage and skill of these young fighting men were an American tradition. Like the From Shanghai to Wake Island, the Corps was America's first line of defense as the winds of war exploded into the devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The Generals earned their stars in Normandy's spectacular landing, in grueling South Pacific campaigns, on Korea's icy slopes and in the wastelands of Vietnam.

They were the chosen ones--and the ones who chose to be the best. Never before had the United States given so select a group of fighting men such punishing preparation. Now they were heading for their ultimate test of skill and nerve and sacrifice, i They were the professionals, the men who had been toughened by combat in the mine-laden fields of Europe, in Korea, in Greece, in Indochina. Now, in the twilight of a dying decade, they must return to the States to forge a new type of American soldie Dien Bien Phu.

In , they were only exotic names from a French campaign halfway around the world. But now American fighting men--proven on the bloody beaches of Normandy and in the minefields of Korea--are summoned to help beat back It was more than an incident. It was a deadly assault across the 38th parallel.

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  • It was the Korean War. In the fear and frenzy of battle, those who had served with heroism before were called again by America to man the trenches and sandbag bunkers. They were the young ones, the bright ones, the ones with the dreams. From the Nazi-prowled wastes of North Africa to the bloody corridors of Europe, they answered the call gladly. It was their duty, their job, their life. As Tomi looks up at the sky and recognizes the Blood-Red Sun emblem on the amber fighter planes, he knows that his life has changed forever.

    His father and grandfather, both Japanese-Americans, are quickly arrested and taken to concentration camps. His mother loses her job because she is Japanese. Although Tomi feels frightened and ashamed of his native land, he is forced to become the man of the family. Under the Blood-Red Sun is an unforgettable tale of courage, survival and friendship.

    As a Japanese American, Tomi and his family have new enemies everywhere, vigilantes who suspect all Japanese.