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My heart ached for them as their situation was revealed. Gray certainly captures the essence of a tight knit family where the older children stepped into the parental role. While there is mention of abuse it is handled delicately, allowing the reader to understand what took place without going into great detail. Mary and Clive struggled with anger, and really believed that God didn't care about them.

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Mary also believed that the town of Larkspur had forsaken them as well, but little did she know what had actually been going on since her mother's death. Grady was such a wonderful male lead, his faith certainly shone through, and his love of pie lent a bit of humor to the story. While I hoped that he and Mary might find their way to each other, the author provided enough tension that kept me guessing at the final outcome. One of my favorite characters had to be young Gigi; her incessant chatter made her such an endearing character.

Solid writing that deals with a few tough subjects made Just Dessert more than your average historical inspirational romance. Kindle Book Giveaway! School, Library or Charity? Free books for your school, library or charity. Become a Reviewer Share your opinions to help authors and readers.

Share this review. Just Dessert Ladies of Larkspur Book 2. Christian - Fiction.

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Send Message To Author. This author has not entered their information for this social networking page. If you are the author, please login to your Author Area where you can update all of your links and other information. While on an African safari, Nancy and company meet a mean girl whose blonde wig gets snatched by a baboon. This is rather silly and slightly off-tone for a Nancy Drew book, especially one that otherwise is about the theft of an ancient gem.

Somehow, this book manages to blend a phantom haunting a mansion's library with a mystery involving drowned wedding gifts. It's fine. This isn't about piano keys, car keys, or those Black Keys. Instead, Nancy meets the world's youngest archeology professor and travels to the Florida Keys, where there's buried treasure and bad guys who want her out of the picture. The action ultimately moves from the United States to Mexico, which keeps the reader's attention, but this book doesn't have the same oomph as the ones focusing on truly nefarious villains and sinister happenings.

Nancy, Bess, and George embark on a cruise to South America, and the highlight is when Nancy's trunk gets mixed up with another woman's with the same initials — except this N.

Just Dessert (Ladies of Larkspur, #2) by Heather Gray

If Nancy got a diamond for every time she tracked down someone's stolen jewelry, she'd have enough bling to open her own store with an alarm system and an armed guard, which apparently is nonexistent in River Heights. This time around, she's been tasked with finding a missing pearl, and she goes to Japan where she discovers a fake pearl cult, which is as weird as it sounds. Nancy receives an odd package in the mail, containing an elaborate rug with a hidden message. This is just the start of the action, which culminates in another international trip, this time to Turkey.

How full is Nancy Drew's passport? This is yet another book featuring a Nancy Drew lookalike. If you don't want your dreams haunted by puppets, especially human-sized ones that dance around on their own, skip this one. Otherwise, this is a perfectly fine book that proves if Nancy ever wants to give up that detective life, she can become an actress.

Lots of Nancy Drew books revolve around dancing and missing jewels, and this one is no exception. What makes it different is the introduction of a fictional country named Centrovia, but that's not enough to push this one higher on the list. Luckily no one called a mason to fix this leaning chimney, because it's the clue Nancy needs to find a missing Chinese vase.

This is your average, middle-of-the-road mystery. Nancy, George, and Bess travel to Crocodile Island in order to find a bunch of poachers. Since this is in Florida, you know things get weird like, submarines spying on Nancy weird , but what stands out the most is the fact that this is a really educational book — readers learn all about the differences between crocodiles and alligators, how crocodiles survive in the wild, how fast they are, what they like to eat, and so on.

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This one is all about birds, including a bizarre-looking stuffed one left on Nancy's front yard, a bird farm that is at risk of being torn down, and bird flu. If you don't like winged creatures, don't read this book. What makes this book special? It introduces readers to Bess and George. The peanut butter and jelly to Nancy's toasted wheat, these two changed the series forever. This isn't about a murderous tap dancer who shuffles people to death, but rather an old actress who hears tapping noises inside her house and rightfully wonders, "WTF?

A ton of action takes place, starting with a pilotless helicopter delivering a creepy note to Nancy telling her to beware the Cyclops. There's also another kidnapping, this time of Nancy's "special friend" Ned Nickerson, and a surprise marriage proposal. All together, it's an odd story, and you have to wonder what psychedelics were used in the writing of this book.

It's in this book the original version, not the rewrite that Nancy gets her adorable dog Togo, who is actually really bad when they first meet. In the rewrite, she winds up going undercover to find a stolen statue, with a wig and sunglasses as her disguise. Not the best mystery, but not the worst. A trip to Hong Kong! A missing girl that looks like George!

Just Dessert

An international rendezvous with Ned Nickerson! While not a nail-biter, it still has its moments that will put you on edge. Nancy goes to Amish country to hunt for missing furniture, but before you can say "rumspringa," she finds herself in the middle of another mystery, this one involving strange symbols.

The Amish soon turn on her and think she's a witch, and honestly, if she'd been burned at the stake, this title would have made it higher on the list. Nancy is once again trying to help someone find their inheritance, but this time, she's doing it from the mysterious Heath Castle. The Clue in the Crumbling Wall definitely has some parts you won't find recycled in any of the other books, like multiple juvenile delinquents roaming the streets, stealing purses.

Because Nancy excels at everything she does, including things she knows absolutely nothing about, it comes as no surprise that she was called in by actual detectives to help find a hidden fortune, and was able to join an archeological dig. Imagine what you could do if you had just 1 percent of Nancy's talent. This is another one that gets off to a slow start, before picking up the pace.

We know Nancy can solve mysteries on the ground, and this book proves she can be a super sleuth up in the air, too. There's a lot going on — Nancy has to try to find a hijacked plane, its missing pilot, and a horse thief — and a creepy magnetic cloud and Bess' romance with a cowboy add to the drama. It's fun to see Nancy try something that wasn't really done by young women. Nancy finally goes on a much-needed vacation to the sea, but there's no way she can relax when there are mysteries to solve. First, her dad is nowhere to be found, and second, there's some ghost clanging a bell in a cave.

It's a typical Tuesday for Nancy Drew.

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The action starts quickly in this one, with a ghost being mentioned on the first page, but it's also a little heavy on the golf. This isn't an autobiography of Arnold Palmer — give us more phantoms! It turns out this woman is missing, and Nancy is determined to find her and catch the cad who wants to steal her inheritance. This is the first of a few Nancy Drew books to feature a bumbling mailman, which is a trope you don't often see.

I must admit, I'm slightly jealous of a fictional character. Nancy gets to go everywhere, and in The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes , she heads to Scotland in order to meet her great-grandmother and find a missing family heirloom. This one is different due to the fact that it's Nancy's family being targeted, not random people we never hear from again, but the book is slightly hindered by Nancy not getting to Scotland until later in the story.

If Nancy wasn't so nosy, she might never have stumbled upon this mystery, but you'll be glad she did — while investigating a mansion fire, Nancy comes across a diary, and she has to figure out who wrote it, if they survived the blaze, and how a man spotted running away from the scene fits into the puzzle. This one has several villains including one dubbed "Foxy Felix" , and a lot of moving parts that make it a tad overwhelming. In the one that started it all, Nancy goes on a hunt for a hidden will in order to ensure that a man's inheritance goes to its rightful heirs.

This is a solid introduction to the world of Nancy Drew, cluing us in from the very beginning that she's someone who will fight for what's right.

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Plus, she gets locked in a closet, which is very amusing and foreshadowing. Castles are fascinating places, made even more so when they are believed to be haunted but are really just home base for a bunch of crooks who get their kicks stealing from old people this is truly a pattern in the Nancy Drew books. The Moonstone Castle Mystery starts off with a bang, with Nancy receiving a moonstone in the mail from a secret sender, who also passes along an ominous note. She's then followed by a scowling stranger as she attempts to find out who sent her this stone, and it's only up from there.

Nancy, Bess, and George spend their vacation searching for an old stagecoach filled with a hidden treasure, which could fund a local school. Some elements make it feel like the girls went back in time to the Old West it doesn't help that Bess nearly met her demise thanks to a water wheel , and there is a distinct Americana vibe. This one's for all the Architectural Digest readers out there.