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VIGIE - Plateforme d'intelligence économique

Responding to the Challenges of the Contemporar y University. Bexley, E. Bollier, D. Silent theft: the private plunder of our common wealth. New York, Routledge. Bridgstock, R. Collin, P. Devine, M. Doberneck, D. Glass and J.

Search for a Translation of "prendre corps" between French and English

Freire, P. Hardt, M. Negri , Multitude : war and democracy in the age of Empire. New York, Penguin. Reid, D. Stanfield, J. Denzin and Y.

Controversy in French Drama

Youniss, J. Youniss and P. Levine eds. What is it like to be a philosophy professor in one of the most reactionary states in the Union? Sadly, there is nothing unusual about Texas students in this regard. They are merely an expression of wider trends that are evident throughout the United States.

If being a professor in the United States of America in is comparable to being a character in a mildly amusing absurdist play, being a philosophy professor is comparable to waking up in some sort of Lovecraftian hellscape. If you are a non-American reader, you might think I am waxing hyperbolic; rest assured that I am not. You probably live in a country that still qualifies as civilized and, as such, cannot begin to comprehend what a bizarrely tragicomical state of affairs has taken root here. Yes, we have always been a dim-witted nation, but for a long time now it has seemed as though eight-tenths of the population has been stricken by an incurable stupidity virus.

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Yes, Texans are religious people— nearly one-half of them attend a religious service at least once a week, compared to thirty-seven percent of Americans—but that religiosity bears strange fruit. Texas leads the nation in executions and illiteracy and ranks among the highest for its incarceration rate, number of teen pregnancies, number of people living below the poverty line, and number of people working below minimum wage 2. They are overwhelmingly Southern Baptist and megachurch evangelical and kneejerk Republican. Many of them have never ventured outside the state and honestly believe that Texas is the best place on earth.

Some have never read more than a dozen books in their entire lives. When I was a newly-radicalized twenty year-old protesting against the WTO, they were tiny children learning the alphabet in kindergarten.

They have never known a world without the Internet or cell phones. They have no idea what the U. If you want to get ahead, said Benjamin Franklin, the original business guru, make yourself pleasing to others3. The best among them are uber-pious zealots who, to their credit, are at least able to think about something besides Facebook; the worst are vacanteyed drones obsessed with celebrity gossip, shopping, tweeting, and texting.

Their religiosity, like so much else in their lives, is pure saccharine. On the contrary, they frequently do things that I find unbelievably rude, tactless, inconsiderate, and selfish. It would be wrong to call such people narcissists since they lack any realistic conception of an alternative. They have been told their entire lives that they alone are special, that they deserve to have whatever they want, and that the rest of the world exists only to benefit them.

Having grown up in a hyper-consumer society, it is little wonder my students think of themselves first and foremost as entitled consumers. They are not producers, not creators, not thinkers. They do not take themselves to have any active responsibilities beyond paying tuition and showing up to class once in awhile. The purpose of a college education, after all, is credentialing, and no one needs philosophical training to become credentialed.

French Lesson 33 BODY PARTS French Vocabulary Parties du corps English subtitles Partes del cuerpo

What she needs is credit hours and a What else is she paying for, if not that? What is the function of a philosophy or literature, or history, or sociology… course in this kind of educational environment? But the truth of the matter is that many employers these days get by just fine with subpar speakers and writers and actually prefer employees who are better at taking orders than thinking for themselves. The idea that reading poetry, studying philosophy, or writing term papers prepares one for life as an account executive at J.

Morgan Chase is nonsense. Even most graduate level business classes fail to do this—or so I have heard on more than one occasion. If education is just credentialing, and credentialing is just a precondition for entry into the workforce, why not give students a full one-hundred and forty credit hours of meaningful vocational training? The skills one gains from becoming educated are worth having either because they are valuable for their own sake or because they are means to truly valuable ends, such as intelligent, informed political engagement.

We do ourselves and our students a profound disservice when we try to justify everything in terms of financial and professional success. The idea that college education might have some value beyond credentialing is simply incomprehensible to them.


The very few who are capable of seeing beyond the next day, or the next week, see their future in purely financial terms. Many want to be rich; others just want to be comfortably bourgeois, with all that this entails materially. If it is difficult for a chemistry professor or a sociology professor to make her subject seem relevant to such students, imagine how difficult it is for me. When it comes to religion and politics, they typically march in lockstep with their parents and pastors; their minds are absolutely made up and impervious to any challenge.

My Herculean efforts notwithstanding, they consistently fail to appreciate the significance and relevance of philosophical, ethical, political, and religious questions. None of this is a surprise when we consider who their parents and older role models are.

In and , how many of the adults in their lives flocked to the Tea Party—a group which has distinguished itself precisely by rejecting reason? In the selfcontained world of the Tea Party, reason, like everything else, has a liberal bias. People do not have to hold themselves independently accountable for anything they say, think, or believe.


Arthur Higelin lyrics

When I was a teenager in Nineties, we rebelled. My teachers who grew up in the Seventies and Eighties rebelled, too. So did my parents, who grew up in the Sixties. Everyone knows that teenage rebellion is often short-lived and superficial, but it is vital and necessary. What I am seeing now is a whole generation of students who, by all reasonable appearances, have never rebelled and show no signs of wanting to rebel. It would never occur to them to be anything else. This is truly sad, as there are few things in life more pathetic than an eighteen year-old Republican who is basically a younger version of his parents.