Guide Secretos en la Posada Vieja (Spanish Edition)

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Sexuality and Social Control in Mexico, c. 1901
  1. The way you care
  2. secretos en la posada vieja spanish edition Manual
  3. secretos en la posada vieja spanish edition Manual
  4. Gustavo Martín Garzo

This is about portraying contemporary suffering with a style that at times seems almost clinical and at times slides towards its more poetic side.

The way you care

The narrator of this story is a Science teacher in a high school. He leads a very anodyne life: without artistic incentives, or not even vital, although with great observation skills. Everything changes when he meets Claudia, the new and enigmatic literature teacher who has arrived to his institute.

He will fall head over heels in love with her, and little by little he will know the truth behind the mystery that revolves around her. The figure of Blanchard will also join this friendship, a painter specialized in physical pain but now incapable of painting. Between the three of them they will become an imperfect triangle in which one takes care of another, thus maintaining a difficult vital balance.

Patricia Ayala arrives on a small island of volcanic origin south of Madagascar, lured there by a high-paying job: to take care of an old woman in frail health. She intends to stay a while, long enough to save as much as she can and forget one of those relationships that make life as a couple the closest thing to hell on earth.

The elderly Rose Hansson lives in a big house the locals call The Construction, next to a lagoon whose waters enter the main rooms through canals and pools.

secretos en la posada vieja spanish edition Manual

Patricia tries to adapt to the peculiar customs of the old woman and her staff. Rose likes for Patricia to swim in the lagoon wearing a white bathing suit, out to the ruined tower in the middle. And take oranges from baskets lined up on the shore, and throw them into the water. Until one day, as Patricia leaves the water after her swim, she sees the oranges returned to her, lying at her feet. All the animals are silent.

Only a cry can be heard, the sweet song of someone who knows the infinite solitude of all creatures. And Patricia succumbs to the strange world of Rose Hansson, and the great secret hidden in The Construction. Soon after his birth, Isaac is sentenced to death by Yahweh. When Abraham, a submissive servant, is about to sacrifice his son, Yahweh sends an angel to stop him.

secretos en la posada vieja spanish edition Manual

With a father devoted to a capricious God and an ageing mother, Isaac is raised by African servant women. Once he escapes the watchful eye of Yahweh, he discovers a world where he can enjoy earthly pleasures, and realises that he must live life as he feels it, and not as imposed by his lineage or divine will.

Without realizing it, she goes from being a child who plays with her slave girls to a woman married to a good man she does not love, facing a maternity full of mysteries. A story set in Valladolid, in a warm summer from many years ago, when Alberto, Eva and Daniel were teenagers running around, not really caring about life, and listened, enthralled, to the adventures of a boxer who had hung his gloves in his youth to follow a beautiful American actress to the other side of the pond, and who came back whispering passionate words in English.

Se casaron y tuvieron dos hijos. Realismo con mucho de sobrenatural. Todos tenemos que hacerlo. Las madres, nuestro primer amor Publicado en Lumen como: Todas las madres del mundo.

Skip to main content. Biography Bibliography Prizes. A beautiful story that takes us into the depths of art and emotions. Read more. Thortxu Posted March 28, edited. I open this post to gather all the mistakes in the spanish version i find as i play.

Gustavo Martín Garzo

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. Posted March 28, Net1 0. Posted March 29, ROMEO 4. Posted March 29, edited. Thank you. Posted March 30, MemnochPSA Posted March 31, edited. Posted April 1, edited. Posted April 2, Notas is a feminine word. The problem is someone translate the female line from various afflictions and injuries, and they are incorrect because the hyperlink does not work.

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It should be all in gui. And you should check all the descriptions and change the same thing in all of them. I can help with this problem if you want; also, there are some problems with capital letters. This is just one example from all the descriptions in afflictions and injuries. It should be:. Pero one space, not two. El magistrado. Frodo 2. Posted April 3, Posted April 4, edited. She is hanging on a tree, after all. Lo siento, pero [ En las one space, not two. Browse our online catalogue, which offers our latest ranges of washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, cookers, fridges and freezers.

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